Update: Final 1 Aug 2013

  • A post will only be live if you publish it. RTFM.
  • ie. Scriptogram is actually pretty stable, despite the beta status. I like it. I like it a lot. Issue Closed

Update: 30 Nov 2012

  • I tried to reproduce the issue in vain
  • Changing a post's title after publishing (maybe even saving.) will not change the file name

    I haven't been able to replicate this gremlin. I'll leave the post because it's just good journal etiquette to have everything archived, not deleted. Secondly, I noticed that editing a post will not change the name of the actual file in Dropbox (as of current). I don't see why it shouldn't or can't, because API access, read-write too, surely covers this? I don't know for sure.

I'm talking from experience!

If you type using the Scriptogram built-in editor, you'll see a preview button. That will in turn render your preview and you should have three buttons to click: + Save + Edit + Publish

The "problem"

You would assume (when using the web UI) the save button to save a private draft. I did, at least. Instead it did the same as if I had chosen to publish! One-off freak accident? Bug? I'm not sure. Just watch what happens when you do things on it; it is beta after all.

Hold your horses there, Harry

Did you RTFM?

Because if you did, you'd see that it's actually supposed to work that way and is quite clever a way of doing it. It's basically YAML-style front-matter. I suspect some nifty things can be done too - like mashing up Scriptogram with various APIs, frameworks, devices and quality office furniture.

Son I am excite

DISQUS Comments now set up and working.

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